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Revival Preparation Plan

The Andrew Task Force

PURPOSE OF THE CRUSADE: To Evangelize the Lost.

Have 120 lost people committed to attend the revival crusade in which the Gospel of Christ will be shared in the anointing to the Holy Spirit. This will be accomplished through the Andrew Task Force.

1. The love and concern which caused Andrew, upon meeting the Lord, to immediately go and get his  brother, Simon Peter, and bring him to Jesus (John 1:40-42).

2. The organizational plan which will help us achieve the purpose of this crusade.

1. Andrew Task Force Leaders
Five key leaders in your church who have proven themselves to be:

Men who are faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Men who have a burden for lost souls.
Men who will not let you down in accomplishing this eternal task.

These leaders must commit themselves to the following:
(1) Personally solicit seven church members in addition to themselves to be on their individual teams. These five leaders will each pledge to bring at  least three lost people to the crusade — sometime between the beginning of the crusade and the final service.    

5 ATF Leaders = 15 Lost People who will attend the revival crusade during the evangelistic effort.

(2) Each team leader will host a dinner in their home the third week prior to the crusade. This pot-luck dinner will include all team members and their spouses. The major purpose of this dinner is to pray for the lost people who will be brought to the crusade.

(3) Each ATF Leader will stay in touch with team  members to encourage them to keep their commitments to see precious souls saved.

(4) Each ATF Leader and team member will complete all necessary forms related to the Andrew Task Force plan.

(5) Each ATF Leader and team member will follow-up those making decisions who were brought by one or more of their team members.

2. Andrew Task Force Team Members
Thirty five church members who will commit themselves to bring at least three lost people to the crusade which will total 105 lost people added to the 15 from each ATF Leader which will total 120 lost people who are committed to attend at least one night of the revival crusade.

3. Prospect
A person who does not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Key Revival Preparation Dates

Sixth Week Prior to Crusade
• The Andrew Task Force Leaders are selected by the pastor/staff by this time.

• Pastor should explain what is expected of each leader individually and ask them to pray about their participation in this crusade effort.

Fifth Week Prior to Crusade
• Andrew Task Force Leaders are confirmed by this time. Pastor should receive confirmation from each leader at this time.

• Andrew Task Force Leaders' names and addresses are sent to David Davis so a personal letter can be sent to each leader encouraging them in their task in reaching the lost.

Fourth Week Prior to Crusade
• The Andrew Task Force Leaders have their seven (7) team members solidified. All Andrew Task Force Leaders should have the Leaders Report Card completed and turned in to the pastor with team member's names.

• Pastor begins a series of four special pulpit announcements concerning the revival crusade to the entire church family. Encourage and enlighten the people with a positive word.

• Pastor sends a letter to the team leaders and team members to encourage them to begin to pray about their three (3) lost prospects they plan to bring to the crusade.

Third Week Prior to Crusade
• Prayer dinners in the homes of the Andrew Task Force Leaders for their seven team members and spouses. Each leader should have a composite list of all the names of those who are lost who will be attending during the week of the crusade. Each team member should have his information sheet filled out and turned in to his Andrew Task Force Leader.

• The pastor needs to receive a copy of the composite list of lost prospects from each of the five Andrew Task Force Leaders. There should be at least 24 names at each of the five homes for a total of 120 being prayed for to be saved. These names should be prayed for in strictest confidence by each team.

Second Week Prior to Crusade
Post cards should be sent to all ATF Team Leaders and Team Members by the pastor reminding them of their commitment and the importance of daily praying for one another and each prospect.

One Week Prior to Crusade
Mega Visitation...all the ATF Leaders and Team Members visit additional church prospects for the revival crusade.

Friday Night Before Crusade Begins on Sunday
• All Andrew Task Force Leaders and Team Members gather in the church auditorium to have a praise and prayer service. Singing...testimonies...and sharing should take place during this time. Conclude the service with a consecrated and dedicated prayer time.

• Cleanse the House of God — each pew — the aisles — the altar — the choir loft — the foyer — the door entrances — and the pulpit. Pray for an anointing of God for the music — the message — and the invitation. Acknowledge the Victory that the child of God already possesses...believing that God is going to honor the work and the prayers of God's people.

NOTE: The Andrew Task Force Plan is possible for most churches. The number of people to be involved is the minimum that should be considered in preparing for a revival crusade. The concept can be increased to fit the total number of people to be reached.

REMEMBER: We are not interested in numbers...for numbers sake — but numbers represent people and people represent precious souls for whom Jesus died and we must see through the eyes of Jesus — PEOPLE AS PEOPLE!

CAUTION: DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED OR DISMAYED IF SOMEONE DOESN'T KEEP HIS COMMITMENT! We serve in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God!! God will honor the faithfulness of His people as His people faithfully honor Him. Faith pleases the Father.

Pray for souls and a great harvest...but remember to keep on hoeing!

A Word For The Pastor

The Andrew Task Force is not just another program. It is designed to see "People as People" through the eyes of Jesus; people who need a Savior.

Special emphasis such as:
• Family Night — Youth Night (Pizza Party) — Children's Night (Hot Dogs) — Friend Night — Sunday School Night are fine for additional support from your church family...but the Andrew Task Force must be a priority for the total revival crusade effort.

• Many revival crusades have been planned...some successful — some not so sucessful. The Andrew Task Force plan is simple — eliminates gimmicks (which I'm sure you are tired of) — and de-emphasizes decisions based on an emotional or intellectual basis. The Holy Spirit drawn decisions, as a result of prayer and the preaching of God's Word, are the ones that will save and change precious lives.

• We need to get back to "Relationship Evangelism" and see People as People! This is New Testament evangelism. Andrew found his brother, Simon Peter. The natural result of preparing, praying, and planting seeds is to see a strategy of life-style evangelism develop in your church. A caring, sharing fellowship should be the primary goal of every pastor for his lambs.

• We can accomplish BOLD MISSION THRUST if we would get back to the New Testament principles of "Relationship Evangelism" — loving and caring about one another — enough to share Jesus and the wonderful plan of salvation that has the power to save and change lives by the matchless grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's DO IT!

A Reminder!