What Others Say...

Photo of Dr. Ronnie Floyd

“It is obvious that God's hand and call is upon the ministry of Dr. David Davis. My people have always spoken fondly of David when he has shared with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

“David is faithful to the Word of God. I trust that pastors around the country will know that my desire is to join you as a partner in touching this nation for Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Springdale, Arkansas

Photo of Dr. O. S. Hawkins

“I have known Dr. David Davis for many years and have watched with much interest the way God continues to bless this anointed servant of God. He has always preached the Word of God with power and passion. It gives me great joy to commend this gifted evangelist to the local church.”

Dr. O.S. Hawkins
President — Chief Executive Officer
Guide Stone Financial Resources
of the Southern Baptist Convention

Photo of Dr. Jack Graham

“One evangelist that it is obvious that God has His hand upon his life and preaching is Dr. David Davis. Every pastor in America should prayerfully consider this God-anointed evangelist who preaches Jesus. I strongly recommend his ministry to you!”

Dr. Jack Graham
Senior Pastor
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Plano, Texas

Photo of Dr. Morris H. Chapman

“Dr. David Davis has a personal understanding of Kingdom building through the local church. David has the reaper's gift! This man is an effective tool for revival and evangelism in our churches.”

“Let me urge you to contact David soon. He maintains a high standard of integrity and exhibits a lifestyle of living out what he preaches. Having also served as a pastor and church staff member, he is a friend to pastors and understands the struggles that all face in doing God's work. You and your people will be blessed by this anointed man of God.”

Dr. Morris H. Chapman
President and Chief Executive Officer
of the Southern Baptist Convention’s
Executive Committee

Photo of Dr. John Morgan

“It is with great joy that I encourage you to use the ministry of Dr. David Davis in your church. This gifted evangelist understands the ministry of the pastor and the needs of the church in this day and time. He is, in the purest sense, a revivalist — though scores of people come to know Christ in his revival crusades.”

“We need a voice in America that will call God's people to repentance and to a deeper walk with the Lord. David is being used in a remarkable way to balance out the need for pure revival in seeing God's people making genuine commitments to the Lord...and, at the same time - seeing a harvest of souls discovering new life in Christ.”

Dr. John Morgan
Senior Pastor
Sagemont Baptist Church
Houston, Texas

Photo of Ricky Ray

“ David Davis is a spiritually gifted evangelist. The pulpit resonates with power with the true ring of a seasoned reaper under David's anointed preaching. He is a personal soul winner and highly effective at training church leaders to share their own faith.”

“Through hundreds of school assemblies across America, few men of this generation have spoken to more students than David. His athletic background and personal appeal has given him an immediate rapport with students from all backgrounds and races. David can do it all and is a complete package for a one day, weekend or week long revival meeting.”

“While the ultimate pull of the lost to Christ is the Holy Spirit, He must have a faithful vessel through which to operate. If you get the lost and unchurced to your services, God will use David to call them to Christ”

Rick Ray
Founder Sec2ndman Ministries
Executive Pastor
First Baptist Church of Oviedo
45 W. Broadway
Oviedo, Florida 32765

Photo of Chris Sutton

“I have known and worked with David Davis for over 25 years. He has never let me down.”


“God has given David the ability to come into a church and discern the needs of that congregation without asking me or anyone else what those needs are. He understands the church and he understands the work of the pastor. He is a pastor’s friend.”

“David is one of those rare evangelists that can preach both evangelistic messages and revival messages. He also knows how to talk to students better than anyone I know. Pastor, if you want to see believers revitalized and souls saved, invite Dr. David Davis to your church!”

Dr. Christopher C. Sutton
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Doylestown, PA 18901