Revival Policies

Every pastor has asked, “What is your policy when scheduling a revival crusade or other opportunity of ministry?” Our policy is very simple and has been agreeable with every pastor we have served with all these years:

  • We come to any church, regardless of size, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We request that each church take care of the (very modest) travel expenses and all lodging arrangements.
  • We come, by faith, on a love offering basis offered by the pastor only! The Lord continues to supply all of our needs and we come to each church, not as fund raisers, but as a servant to preach Jesus and Him only!

At no time does David Davis mention the love offering to the church family. We ask each pastor to lead his people in the area of giving.

Through the years — we have learned that if people have been blessed — they will give with a cheerful heart and a willing spirit while following the leadership of their pastor.