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April 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2018 Newsletter


Celebrating 25+ years of ministry.

Celebrating 25+ years of ministry.


Dr. David Davis has written a new book entitled
A Name You Can Trust.
The 140-page book deals with seven of the names of God.
Dr. Davis hopes you will discover the following:

  • The Meaning of God's Name
  • Experience those names in your life
  • Learn how God will meet your needs
  • Gain Confidence and trust in God
  • Develop a deeper relationship with Him
  • Understand God's plan for your life

Cost of the book is only $12.95. Order the book by sending an email to:

Give your name, mailing address, phone number, and E-mail address and we will send you an invoice with the book.

Evangelists — An Endangered Species

One of the biggest questions that has been asked over the past several years is: “What does an evangelist do now?”

A Southern Baptist leader answered the question regarding the decline of revivals in churches from all across America. And the ones that are suffering the most are those who have surrendered their lives to God's call to full-time vocational evangelism.

When it is all said and done — what is the alternative for someone who has committed, not just their ministry, but the entire welfare of their family to the ministry of evangelism?

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Preached at First Baptist Church
Wichita Falls, Texas

The Alpha and Omega


Preached at First Baptist Church
Springdale, Arkansas

Why Pray, When You Can Worry?

How to Walk on Water.


My Interview with Mother Teresa
By Dr. David Davis

India has a very special place in my heart...especially after 15 trips to this spiritually-starved country. One of my greatest desires was to be able to meet and visit with Mother Teresa. That desire became a reality in 1997 -- just months before she died. Though she has been dead for more than a dozen years...her words still ring true.


"A Most Unforgettable Experience"
Mother Teresa
(August 26, 1910 – September 5, 1997)

I was met at the door by Sister Joyce in February of 1997 who greeted me with a smile and a bow of respect. She asked me to sit in a small room. Upon her return -- she said Mother Teresa is preparing for her time of silence and prayer before Lent and could only visit with me for a few moments. Those moments turned into a couple of hours -- hours that were the most unforgettable times of my life. That was in February of 1997 -- seven months before her death.