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Celebrating 25+ years of ministry.

Celebrating 25+ years of ministry.


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  • Understand God's plan for your life

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First Baptist Church - Centerville, Texas


Evangelist David Davis had the priviledge of serving with Pastor Dean Ferguson at the First Baptist Church of Centerville, Texas.

Pastor Ferguson has been a faithful servant of this church and has a vision for God’s people to be salt and light to this community.

The IMPACT SUNDAY was greatly blessed by God as Bro. David shared two  timely messages with this church family.

“I am thankful for the hand of God on April 28, Impact Sunday, in the life of First Baptist Church Centerville,” Pastor Ferguson said. “God granted the truth of his Word to be plainly spoken and the needs of the church revealed.

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“God blessed the church body with a unified desire for a healthy walk with the Lord and a determination to deal with the issues that hinder His blessings.”

While some churches choose to have a four-day revival  effort, pastor Ferguson selected the one-day emphasis that truly made an impact in the life of this church.

There are times that a great harvest will be experienced and there are other times when God needs to share a strong message to the church family.

David has served as an evangelist and as a pastor -- so he knows the needs that pastors and churches face and is able to address those needs that will help strengthen the relationship of a pastor with his people and vice versa.

Such was the experience that was shared at First Baptist Church in Centerville as there were some significant decisions made on this very special day.

“The leadership of the church is straightened in their resolve to live and lead as pleases God. Thanks and may God bless your ministry,” Pastor Ferguson concluded.

Some of the significant decisions made were God’s people re-committing their lives to sharing their faith.

It seems that one area in the church that is truly suffering is that the soul-winning effort of a church is in major decline. God spoke directly to this need at this church and there were those who publically shared their desire to see God use them to win others to Christ.

May God continue to bless this dear pastor and his church family that they will be a lighthouse for Jesus in Centerville.

First Baptist Church - Pleasanton, Texas


38 Saved...

It is refreshing to know that there are still some pastors who believe that the “gift of the evangelist” is still relevant for today’s church.

Pastor Wade Rush has been at FBC Pleasanton since 2007 and God has blessed his ministry in this community.

Dr. David Davis had the privilege of serving with this dynamic, young pastor and God truly honored the preaching of the Word of God.


This church family had prayed for God to do a work in their midst and they weren’t disappointed as souls were saved in almost every service.

One of the remarkable things was that there were several over the age of 60 and 70 years of age who made their professions of faith  public before this congregation.

There was one family who had been praying for their father in his late 60’s to make his decision for Christ.

On Sunday morning, there were tears of joy as he made his way to the pastor to let him know that he had prayed to receive Christ and the certainty that he was going to go to heaven.

On Wednesday night, there was a large crowd to close out the week. When Bro. David gave the invitation, there were 28 who publically prayed to receive Christ (see photo). There was a mixture of older adults and young people who stood before Bro. David during the invitation to receive encouragement regarding their commitment to Christ.

There has never been a time that America needed revival as we do now. May God place an urgency in the heart of each pastor to continue to open the doors to evangelists who are being blessed by God.

Evangelists — An Endangered Species

One of the biggest questions that has been asked over the past several years is: “What does an evangelist do now?”

A Southern Baptist leader answered the question regarding the decline of revivals in churches from all across America. And the ones that are suffering the most are those who have surrendered their lives to God's call to full-time vocational evangelism.

When it is all said and done — what is the alternative for someone who has committed, not just their ministry, but the entire welfare of their family to the ministry of evangelism?

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Wichita Falls, Texas

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My Interview with Mother Teresa
By Dr. David Davis

India has a very special place in my heart...especially after 15 trips to this spiritually-starved country. One of my greatest desires was to be able to meet and visit with Mother Teresa. That desire became a reality in 1997 -- just months before she died. Though she has been dead for more than a dozen years...her words still ring true.


"A Most Unforgettable Experience"
Mother Teresa
(August 26, 1910 – September 5, 1997)

I was met at the door by Sister Joyce in February of 1997 who greeted me with a smile and a bow of respect. She asked me to sit in a small room. Upon her return -- she said Mother Teresa is preparing for her time of silence and prayer before Lent and could only visit with me for a few moments. Those moments turned into a couple of hours -- hours that were the most unforgettable times of my life. That was in February of 1997 -- seven months before her death.