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Some common responses are, “Well, I’m really just not sure.” or “I
        think that I’m going to heaven.” or “I sure want to go to heaven.” or
        “I don’t think anybody can really know.”

        The truth is the Bible has told you that you can know. God wants
        you to know, wants you to know as you read this message. He wants
        others to know as you come in contact with them. The greatest truth
        in all of life is to know where an individual is going to spend eternity.

        You see, when life is over, it makes no difference how much you
        have gained materially as you aren’t going to take anything with
        you. The most important decision in all of life is going to be made
        right here and now during this life. And that decision is going to be
        what did you do with Jesus Christ?

        About 50% of all the decisions made for salvation in Billy Graham
        Crusades were made by people who already had their names on
        a church membership. They were already members of a church
        somewhere. But these people were coming to trust Christ for the
        very first time.

        They were establishing a personal relationship with Jesus and not
        a proper religion. God wants to affirm in your life, and confirm your
        testimony as a child of God, that you know, beyond a shadow of a
        doubt, you have that personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

        The reason why you can know, and the reason why you are saved
        in the first place, is because of the grace of God. It’s by His grace
        -- the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Who comes into your heart
        and into your life -- Who saves you from your sin (nature) and gives
        you the personal relationship with Him.

        You need to understand that grace which is available to you and to
        others. It is because of God’s amazing grace you are able to look
        forward to being in heaven with Him someday. How To Know You
        Are Saved is the most tremendous truth any individual can ever
        acquire in their life.

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