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            The book that you hold in your hand is like “apples of gold in settings
            of silver” - Proverbs 25:11.  It is a treasure.

                      Master this book and you will master yourself.
                        Master the Bible and you will master life.

            David Davis has spent a lifetime walking with Jesus, researching
            the Bible, and proclaiming its truth. He knows the Christian life and
            understands how to live it.

            Possessing the communicator’s gift, David explains spiritual principles
            in a way that makes them easy to grasp. But know this, just because
            these principles are simply stated they are not simple.

            These “HOW TO’s” are profound.  Live by them and they will
            transform your life in such a way that others will see Jesus in you.
            I cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than that.

            Following Jesus with you,

            Dr. Chris Sutton
            Pastor, Friend, Confidant

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