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        The tragedy of the Christian faith is the vast majority of those who
        say they are born again yet never discover the “HOW TO’s” of living
        their life to their fullest capabilities.

        For many, the Christian life has very little excitement and the abundant
        and victorious experience is never fully discovered.

        This book is designed to help you, the believer, to unlock the glorious
        truths of the Christian faith. Instead of claiming you have your “fire
        insurance” in the future event of your death... it is my desire to help
        you to fan the flames of the Holy Spirit to burn daily in your life as a
        radiant witness for Jesus Christ.

        God’s original plan and design for your life was not to “just barely
        make it” into heaven. His desire for you is to live life to the fullest
        each and every day. An abundant life, characterized by obedience,
        should be the identifying birth mark of the Christian. These “HOW TO’s”
        should intensify your desire to be all that God wants you to be.

        From one who is learning the “HOW TO’s” each day,

        Dr. David Davis

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